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GuiaSorata: Who we are

The GuiaSorata or better said the Asociaciòn de Guias y Portaedores de Sorata - how it is called completely written out - is a cooperativly organized association for to provide tourist services.

The local population of Sorata and environs is in charge of the management and the collaboration in this organisation.

Eighty per cents of profit are flowing directly into the cooperation for to pay the guides and porters, with the remaining twenty per cents projects and institutions of the Sorata region are supported.

As a tourist you can make sure to be guided by the local people, the real experts of the area - and the tourists fee donít trickle away anywhere but remains directly in this place.

The GuiaSorata is a source of work for about 100 locals as guias (guide), arieros (säumer), portaedores (porter), guidadores (guardian) and cocineros (cook) who all prove themselves an expert and are very well experienced.